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Waste Packaging Recycling and Disposal Information

Polycopy Limited recognize that their clients will wish to have a viable program for the recycling and disposal of waste packaging. This document has been compiled to provide clients with the necessary information required to make responsible and informed decisions and to ensure that Polycopy meets its responsibilities under the Consumer Information Obligations.

Symbols on Packaging

Polycopy Limited works closely with its suppliers to try to ensure that one or more of the following symbols is on the packaging material so that the appropriate recycling action can be chosen. 

Material is capable of being recycled
Manufactured containing a percentage of recycled material. The arrows indicate that the material can be recycled
The recovery of this packaging material has been paid for in a EC member state
General litter control symbol
Plastic polyethylene terepthalate is capable of being recycled
Plastic high density polyethylene is capable of being recycled
Plastic poly vinyl chloride is capable of being recycled
Plastic low density polyethylene is capable of being recycled
Plastic polypropylene is capable of being recycled
Plastic polystyrene is capable of being recycled
Other types of plastic capable of being recycled
Dispose of in a bottle bank
Aluminium recycling capable
Steel recycling capable


As well as making our customers aware of the above symbols Polycopy Limited makes available to our customers the following websites:

Bank Locator
Recycling Collections

These websites allow our customers to use the location application to determine what recycling facilities are available to them in their area provided by their local authorities.
We do not recommend to our customers private companies for the recycling of waste as this maybe construed as Polycopy Limited favouring certain private companies over others and therefore potentially create unfair market conditions in various different local areas which may potentially be detrimental of recycling services as a whole. 

Visiting the web site below can assist our customers make informed choices regarding the reuse or recycling of packaging waste generated through the purchase of our products: 
To help maximize the reuse and recycling of packaging waste supplied by Polycopy Limited, a ‘take back’ service is available covering the wooden pallets on which goods are supplied when goods are delivered via our own delivery vehicles. To take advantage of this facility, simply request the removal of empty pallets when placing your next order.

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